Israeli Shermans (2nd edition)

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Israeli Shermans (2nd edition)

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De heruitgave van Tom Gannon's boek over de Israelische Shermans

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Israeli Shermans (Second Edition)
Tom Gannon
406pp 297 x 210 mm 372 colour photographs
375 black-and-white photographs. Hardback.
With 750 photographs, this much expanded and
updated edition of the author’s original Israeli Sherman,
published in 2001 and long out-of-print, is the most
comprehensive study yet of the Sherman tank in IDF
service. Following a general description of the basic
M4 series as built, the humble beginning of the very
fi rst Sherman in service in 1948 is covered in detail.
Hundreds of black-and-white archival photographs
then trace the evolution of Israel’s Shermans from
the cobbled-together veteran of the Second World War
illustrated below into some of the most lethal variants
of the series ever conceived. Every major variant of the
Sherman, except for the M4A6, was successfully used in
some form by the IDF, and they are all covered in this
extensive work.
In addition to the gun tanks, there is also coverage of
specialised vehicles, such as ARVs, dozers and mine
clearing vehicles. Along with the images obtained from
offi cial Israeli government sources, other information
and images were contributed by IDF veterans, adding an
up close and personal feel to the narrative. The various
types of Sherman used in the War of Independence, the
1956 Sinai Campaign, Six-Day War and Yom Kippur
War are all covered in depth. There are also a few
never-before-published photographs of the unique APC
developed by Lebanese engineers and used by the South
Lebanon Army.
Model builders will appreciate the detailed close-up
colour images of M-50s, M-51s, M-1s and other variants
taken at various Israeli sites and in vehicle collections in
the US and elsewhere by the author and his friends.

Jan-Willem de Boer
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